Do you want a free online photo album? You upload your photos and we give you an easy to remember address that you can show to your friends.

The registration has a few simple steps. At the end you will get your own account where you can upload your photos.

1. Username
This represents the account name, and will also be part of your SunPhoto web address.

Checking username...
This username is already used by someone else, please try another username.
Your username can only contain letters and numbers, no spaces or other characters.
The username is too long!
The username must have at least 5 characters.
Your web address on Deget will be
The username contains an illegal word, please choose another username.
2. Password
The password that you will be using to authenticate yourself on SunPhoto Only the persion who has the password can make changes or upload photos to your account.

Use something that is not too easy to guess as your password.
Your new password must have at least 5 characters.
3. Email Address
We need your email address so we can send notifications about your account.

The email address is very important if you need to recover your password.
Verifying email address...
The email address is not valid. Please correct it.
4. Account details
Last step. Just a few details about you and then we are done.

Please select birth year.
Please select the sex.
There was a problem creating your account, please verify the account and try again.
Creating account...
Account created! We have just sent you a short email with your account info.

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